My Father Cigars La Duena Robusto No. 5 Cigar Review

La Duena Red Close Label

La Duena Burn

La Duena Perfect Cut


La Duena almost done

La Duena Label

I had the privilege to enjoy the La Duena Robusto No. 5 by My Father Cigars this evening after dinner. This was an excellent size for the Colibri V-Cut cigar cutter that I frequently mention. The cigar was very nice, smooth and pleasant. It was not harsh at all. The cigar had an awesome draw, and the smoke was creamy with a sweet floral note. The smoke also left a good aftertaste in my mouth after exhaling. I smoked this cigar at The Lion & Rose in Alamo Heights (they let you smoke indoors) right after dinner. For dinner I had the sausages and mashed potatoes (Bangers and Mash) with a New Castle. While I was smoking the cigar I drank a Mexican beer Montejo which was a cerveza clara (light beer). I don’t want to throw GREAT ratings around like they are easy to get, but I would have to say that this cigar qualifies as a great cigar. I bought this cigar at the Club Humidor on San Pedro in San Antonio, TX.

Rating = GREAT!

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