Debonaire Toro Cigar Review

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Ring Gage = 54

Region = Dominican Republic

Filler = Nicaragua

Binder = Dominican Republic

Wrapper = Nicaragua

Price that I paid = around $14.00

I purchased and smoked this cigar at the Club Humidor on Huebner

They carry two versions of this cigar at the Humidor, the Natural and the Maduro. The one that I smoked today was the natural.

From the very beginning I would say this is a mild-medium cigar at first. It is a smooth cigar that goes well with coffee. I was drinking hot coffee (black, with sugar).

This cigar has an excellent draw, and the smoke feels light off the tongue. It is not an overpowering cigar and doesn’t leave any unwanted aftertaste in your mouth.

This cigar is well crafted and the Toro size sits nicely in the mouth. The cigar is very sturdy feels good on your teeth as well. It is very comfortable cigar, and even after I passed the first half the cigar kept it’s perfect shape and construction. This was a very durable cigar and it creates a nice thick smoke when you puff on it.

I would say that this cigar gets better as it warms up and you get past the half-way mark. I think that as this cigar warms up you begin to taste more flavor. I think the second half of the cigar tastes better than the first half. Towards the end I would say this cigar starts to taste more mild-medium, and I could taste a little nutty flavor on my tongue and mouth when I smacked my lips together.

To enjoy this cigar the right way you will need at least an hour. If you haven’t tried a Debonaire before, I would recommend that you try one out. You might want to try one of their smaller sizes at first to see how you like it. Personally, I like the thinner size Debonaire cigars because I can taste a little more flavor.

Learn more about Debonaire cigars at

Overall Rating = GOOD

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