Joya de Nicaragua Antano 1970 Cigar Review

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The Antano 1970 by Joya de Nicaragua

Size = Robusto Grande (5 ½ x 52)

Wrapper = Nicaraguan Habano Criollo

Binder = Nicaragua

Filler = Nicaragua

Price that I paid = around $135 for a box of 20

If I had to choose one word that describes this cigar, I would say “Quality.” This was a very smooth, and pleasant cigar from the first puff. I could taste some pleasant notes in my nose and mouth after I would retro-hale the smoke through my nose. Also, there was no unpleasant harshness as I blew smoke through my nose (it didn’t burn or tingle). The key to unlocking the flavor of this cigar is to puff on it slowly and savor each draw. There is some kind of sweet undertone in the aftertaste of this cigar as well.

I sipped on hot coffee (black, with sugar) as I smoked the Antano 1970. This is an interesting cigar… I say it’s interesting because the aftertaste is pleasantly complex (you can actually taste some unique flavor notes that are kind of sweet). There is a freshness after each puff as well that tastes very high quality. You can tell that rich tobacco leaves were used to make this cigar.

To my taste palate, this cigar is medium-full bodied, and full strength. The key to enjoying this cigar, like any great cigar, is to take your time while you smoke it and to hold the smoke in your mouth for a while before you exhale. The cigar burned very evenly, and created a cold smoke as I slowly exhaled. The Robusto Grande size fits perfectly in the mouth, and the draw was excellent with the double v-cut that I made. I would say this cigar is made up of full strength tobacco because I was able to get a little bit of a buzz while smoking (which doesn’t happen often). You should enjoy this cigar after you have eaten a nice meal. Personally, I also like to smoke good cigars indoors, in a quiet room with friends, a good table and a good drink (coffee in the morning and maybe an adult beverage in the evening 🙂

I love the retro-hale on this cigar. I can taste all kinds of tasty flavors that linger on my tongue and nose afterwards. It has a sweet aroma, and a little bit of a sweet finish. I had my first Antano 1970 at a Joya de Nicaragua event at Finck Cigars on West Ave (San Antonio, TX), and I was so impressed that I bought a whole box.

This cigar produced a lot of velvety smoke with awesome flavor. I would say that the Antano 1970 is one of my new favorite Nicaraguan cigars. In my opinion, most of the Nicaraguan cigars that I have smoked have had a harsh, bitter taste, but the Antano 1970 is very different because it is pleasant, smooth and sweet.

This cigar has great construction, and it kept its perfect shape, and wrap, the whole way through. I’ve smoked a few of these, and it doesn’t leave any unpleasant smells or aftertastes in your mouth after you have finished smoking. I would almost label this cigar as a “special occasion” cigar, and its price point can make it an everyday smoke. It is worth every penny.

You can learn more about the history of this cigar, and Joya de Nicaragua by visiting Joya’s website at

Overall Rating = GREAT!

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