Tatuaje Conoju 2012 (Habano Wrapper) Cigar Review

tatuaje conoju habano 1

tatuaje conoju habano 2

tatuaje conoju habano 3

tatuaje conoju habano 4

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Tatuaje Conoju 2012 (Habano Wrapper) Cigar Review

Cut = Single horizontal v-cut

Size = Box Press Toro (6 ½ x 52)

Origin = Nicaraguan Puro with Habano Wrapper

Price that I paid = around $13.00

Aging = I let this cigar age for at least 2 months at 72% humidity in my humidor at home

This is definitely a box pressed cigar and it felt wonderful in my mouth. It had a pretty flat design, so I just put a single v-cut horizontally and it worked out so beautifully. It felt like this cigar was specifically made for that type of v-cut. My first impression of this cigar is that it had a very smooth and consistent draw. The smoke is flavorful, and I would say this cigar is medium-full bodied (closer to the medium side). On the first retro-hale I could taste a little bit of a cocoa note. This cigar was much lighter than the Sumatra version I had a few days before, but that doesn’t mean it is a light cigar. Right from the beginning, I would give the Habano version of this cigar a higher rating than the Sumatra version because it isn’t as bold and it doesn’t knock you out with strong tobacco flavor. Another nice thing about this cigar is that it didn’t leave any type of bad, tar-like aftertaste on my lips or mouth. This cigar was nice and soft to the touch. The box pressed design was also fun to hold and smoke. It burned beautifully, and it stayed lit the whole time. This cigar was incredibly easy to smoke because of the effortless draw. I smoked this cigar on a Friday night with a cup of coffee at the Club Humidor on Huebner. This cigar became tastier as I passed the halfway mark, and the chocolate flavor became much more noticeable. The chocolate flavor that I am referring to is an unsweet chocolate flavor and not sweet… but very tasty. It is important to take soft draws off of this cigar because if you take too big of a puff once you get passed the half-way point you might have a little bit of a tobacco aftertaste on your lips that is a little bitter. The same is true with the retro-hale. If you have too much smoke in your mouth before you retro-hale it will burn your nose a little, so retro-hale after you’ve exhaled most of the smoke. This cigar is very well made, and it looks like it has a triple-cap. This cigar didn’t become unraveled at any point and it burned very evenly. This cigar was very consistent all the way to the last puff.

Overall Rating = GREAT!

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