Tatuaje Conoju 2012 (Sumatra Wrapper) Cigar Review

conoju 2012 sumatra

conoju 2012 sumatra 2

conoju 2012 sumatra 3

conoju 2012 sumatra 4

conoju 2012 sumatra 5

conoju 2012 sumatra 6

Tatuaje Conoju 2012 (Sumatra Wrapper Version)

This cigar is a Nicaraguan Puro with a Sumatra wrapper that was made in Esteli, Nicaragua

Size = Box Press Toro Grande (6 ½ x 52)

Price that I paid = around $13.00

I bought and smoked this cigar at the Humidor on Huebner Rd.

I smoked this cigar right off the shelf (no aging), and it was the first one out of the box.

At my local Club Humidor, they carry three different versions of this cigar (the wrappers are different): Sumatra, Habano and Broadleaf (stay tuned for reviews on all three).

This cigar had a nice, oily wrapper and great combustion that created a nice, thick smoke. It took a little while for the cigar to warm up and for the flavor to start kicking in. I smoked this cigar right after eating a big meal. I felt like this cigar is medium-full bodied (closer to the full side), with an intense tobacco flavor. The ash held on for a long time as you can see in the photos. In my opinion, this cigar had a very earthy and bold taste. Again, it had a very strong tobacco flavor. Although this cigar was very bold, I could still retro-hale with no burn in my nose. This cigar had a pretty strong aftertaste immediately after taking a draw, and it lingered in my mouth and especially on my lips. This cigar started off medium-full, but it becomes much more full-bodied at the half-way point. Couldn’t really pick up on any particular taste notes other than strong tobacco, and it was a little bitter (like unsweetened coffee). I drank black coffee with sugar while I puffed on this cigar, but a sweeter drink would probably compliment this cigar a little better. This cigar stayed lit the whole time, even though I took several short breaks in-between puffs. When I smacked my lips towards the end of the cigar, I could taste a little hint of unsweetened cocoa.

Overall Rating = Okay

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