Larceny Mexican Maduro Cigar Review (Ortega Premium Cigars Version)

larceny m1

larceny m2

larceny m3larceny m6

The Larceny Mexican Maduro (Ortega Premium Cigars Version)

Size = (6 ½ x 52)

I bought and smoked this cigar at the Humidor on Huebner Road. I picked it up right off the shelf and smoked it (No aging at home).

This cigar was very smooth. This version is more full bodied than the Ecuadorian Oscuro version (EPM version with the brown band), but it is not overwhelming. This cigar has some unsweet chocolate flavors after the 1st third. I thought this cigar was very flavorful the entire way, it had a pretty good strength and it was very well made. It produced a nice thick smoke that comes off the foot of the cigar after taking a puff. The retro-hale on this cigar is a little rough when you blow it through your nose, so take it lightly. The ash held on to this cigar nicely as well, and the average length of the ash was about 1 ½ inches before it would fall off. Again, I could taste a very chocolaty taste (not like a Hershey’s bar) in my mouth when I smacked my lips together (very tasty). I think that both versions of the Larceny cigars would get better with age, and they would taste excellent if you let them sit for a little while in your humidor at home before smoking. I puffed on this cigar while sipping on some Hennessy and Coke, and the two went very well together (the drink and the smoke that is). The sweetness from the Coca-Cola neutralized the bold flavor of the cigar, and it didn’t let the cigar’s flavor become to overpowering. Oddly, the retro-hale got a little easier once I passed the half-way mark. Like I mentioned in the previous Larceny review, only 400 boxes of this cigar were released, so get one while you can. I’m going to pick up a couple more of each of these cigars and let them sit in my humidor for a while before I smoke the next one.

Overall Rating = GREAT!

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