Playing Some Golf at Willow Springs Golf Course on the ACGT

willow springs 1

willow springs 2

willow springs 3

willow springs 4

I had the chance to play at Willow Springs yesterday, June 9th with my buddy Coy. Although it’s starting to get hot outside we still had a blast like always. Any day you can hit the golf course and enjoy a good cigar is a great day! As far as the course is concerned, it was in pretty good shape, but it wasn’t as green as Olmos Basin was the last time I played there. I thought Willow Springs would have been a little more plush, but they must have a good drainage system or something because it didn’t look like the course soaked up all that rain we’ve been having. Speaking of rain, it’s supposed to rain later on this week, so maybe the course will look better next week. The greens played nice, and I didn’t really have any complaints. Check out the video below of me getting ready to tee off on hole #1. Fore!

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