Neanderthal by RoMa Craft Tobac Cigar Review

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Neanderthal by RoMa Craft Tobac

Origin = Nicaragua

Wrapper = Mexican San Andreas

Binder = Connecticut Broadleaf

Filler = Nicaraguan, Dominican olor Ligero and Pennsylvania Double Ligero!

Size = 5 x 52/56

This cigar was given to me by a friend as a gift, and I smoked it at the Club Humidor at Huebner after a full meal at the Flying Saucer.

I am pretty excited about this cigar because it is a new release and the design just looks so awesome! I’ve had this cigar at home in my humidor for a few days, and I’ve been waiting to smoke it in the right environment. This cigar has an interesting design, which kind of resembles a caveman’s club, and it has a flat head. Since it has a flat head, I used a punch cut on this cigar. When I punched it, the cap of the cigar cracked a little bit, but don’t worry because it was just the cap and not the cigar itself. I was able to get an awesome draw on this cigar, even though the hole from the punch wasn’t that big. This is a full-bodied, full strength cigar. The full strength of this cigar shouldn’t come at a surprise because of the strong tobacco that this cigar is made up of. It has Connecticut Broadleaf, some Ligero from the Dominican Republic and some Pennsylvania Double Ligero. The Neanderthal burned beautifully, and I could tell that some TLC (tender love and care) was put into this cigar when it was being made. As far as flavor notes are concerned, I could taste some cocoa and a hint of espresso. Although this cigar is full-bodied, the flavor profile is nice because it isn’t overpowering. In my opinion, most of this cigar’s flavors become unlocked towards the halfway mark. Once it warms up, it begins to taste more like roasted nuts and unsweet chocolate. This cigar is potent, and the retro-hale comes out a little hot and tingles your nose just a little. Again, this cigar gets very tasty towards the end, and has a great aftertaste when you smack your lips together.

Overall Rating = GREAT!

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