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Caldwell Cigar Company Eastern Standard Cigar Review

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The Eastern Standard by Caldwell Cigar Company

Size and Type = Euro Express (44 x 5 ½) Dark Connecticut

Wrapper = Connecticut Hybrid Ecuadoriano – 2006

Binder = Habana Dominicano – 2005

Filler = Criollo ’98 Viso Dominicano 30% – 2008

Filler = Corojo Dominicano Ligero 30% – 2006

Filler = Habano Seco Nicaraguense 40% – 2007

Price that I paid = around $11.00

I bought and smoked this cigar at the Club Humidor on Huebner Road. Pay attention to the size because this cigar is only a 44 ring gauge. When I first held the cigar it looked and felt smaller than your typical 50 something ring gauge but don’t worry because it’s packed full of flavor and worth the price.

I want to start this review by saying wow! This is such a delicious cigar. It is mild-medium bodied and full of great distinct flavors. This cigar was very hard to put down. From the very beginning the cigar had a razor-sharp burn and the draw was nice and easy. I’ve had two of these cigars now, and the second one was just as good as the first. The blend is very consistent. I noticed the same nutty, sweet flavors both times I smoked this cigar, and the excellent finish makes you want to smack your lips together. On the retro-hale I could taste some subtle notes of honey, nuts and it reminded me a little bit of something similar to a graham cracker.

You have to retro-hale this cigar to get the full effect of the flavors in your nose. This cigar is extremely smooth and has a wonderful retro-hale that doesn’t burn at all.  The retro-hale is where all of the flavors become unlocked. The Eastern Standard is a wonderful cigar to start the day with. I reviewed this cigar with a friend of mine (we both smoked it at the same time) and we both agreed that this cigar is great for the morning or early afternoon with coffee. Again, I can’t emphasize enough how flavorful this cigar is. Once you get towards the end of the cigar the strength enhances. This cigar didn’t burn hot at any point and I enjoyed it all the way to the nub. I plan on buying more of these.

Overall Rating = GREAT!

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