Crowned Heads The Angel’s Anvil 2015 Cigar Review (TAA 2015 Exclusive Series)

Angels Anvil 2015 1

Angels Anvil 2

Angels Anvil 3

Angels Anvil 4

The Angel’s Anvil 2015 by Crowned Heads

Wrapper = Ecuadorian Habano

Binder & Filler = Nicaragua

Size = 6 x 52

Price = around $10.50

I bought and smoked this cigar at the Club Humidor on Huebner Road.

This cigar starts off a little slow but it gets much better the longer you smoke it. I would say this cigar is medium-full bodied (closer to medium). There are hints of a dark roasted nutty flavor on the retro-hale and it has a nice, smooth retro-hale that doesn’t burn. This cigar has excellent construction, and as you can see in the video the ash held on past the half-way point on the cigar. This is a good smoke for the afternoon after a decent lunch. This cigar really starts to get good once you get to the half-way mark and it starts to heat up. The second half of this cigar is more flavorful than the first half and the dark roasted nut flavor is much more enhanced. There were no bad aftertastes even once I got to the last 1 ½ inches of the cigar. I sipped on coffee and water for this cigar, which is how I like to do reviews because it allows me to fully taste the pure flavors of the cigar. Every year there are a handful of cigar manufacturers that create “TAA Exclusive Series,” which are special cigars that are only made available for the select cigar retail shops that are members of the TAA (Tobacconists’ Association of America). Luckily for us, Club Humidor is on that list. The Angel’s Anvil 2015 is the special release by Crowned Heads for TAA’s 2015 retail membership.

Overall Rating = Great!

The Angel’s Anvil 2015 Cigar Review Podcast

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