MBombay Kesara Cigar Review

MBombay Kesara 1

MBombay Kesara 2

MBombay Kesara 3

MBombay Kesara 4

MBombay Kesara

Wrapper = Educador

Binder = Ecuador

Filler = Peru and Dominican

Price that I paid = around $16.00

To my palate, this is a very mild bodied cigar. If you prefer cigars that are very light then you should give this one a try. Very mellow flavor in the start of the first third of the cigar. This cigar had a freakin’ awesome draw (one of the best draws I’ve experienced in a while) that was effortless to puff on. The cigar itself was not hard and it felt much softer and “spongier” to the touch than your typical cigar. The retro-hale was extremely smooth and didn’t tingle at all. This cigar burned very nicely and the shaggy foot is a pretty cool design that helps to light the cigar evenly from the start. When the cigar is sitting in the ashtray, it puts off very little smoke that almost looks like it might go out, but the cigar actually stays lit very well and puts off a nice big cloud of smoke when you actually take a puff. The cigar had excellent combustion, and beautiful construction. The Kesara has a huge, elaborate band but don’t worry because once you remove it, there is another small band underneath. To my palate this cigar lacked a little bit in the flavor area. Everything else about this cigar was awesome, but it left me still wanting to smoke another cigar right after finishing this one because it didn’t have enough kick.

Overall Rating = Okay!

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