Crowned Heads TAA The Angel’s Anvil 2014 Cigar Review

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TAA angels anvil 2014 2

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Crowned Heads The Angel’s Anvil 2014 Cigar Review

Price that I paid = around $10

Size = Churchill (7 1/8 x 49)

Wrapper = Ecuador Havana

Binder & Filler = Nicaraguan

I will start off by saying this is an excellent cigar, and it puts off a ton of smoke. The Churchill size is perfect (7 1/8 x 49) and I would classify it as a medium-full bodied smoke (closer to medium+).  I had this cigar in my humidor at home sitting at 65% using my Xikar humidity crystals and it came out perfect. The draw was effortless and I felt like it was stored at the perfect humidity. Sometimes some of my cigars smoke like they are kept a little too moist, but this one sat in one of my wood humidors. The retro-hale was very tasty and it didn’t burn at all. I smoked this cigar at noon at the Club Humidor on Huebner road, with a cup of coffee, and it was my first cigar of the day. I would say that this cigar is medium strength, and it was a pleasure to smoke. This cigar was a 2014 release for the TAA, and my local Club Humidor still had some! These cigars have had some really good time to age, and they are ready to smoke right off the shelf. They are limited, so get one while you can. Currently I’ve seen some of these cigars still at the Club Humidor on Thousand Oaks. To cut this cigar I used my guillotine perfecto cutter and I only had to cut it once. That’s very nice because most of the time I have to take two cuts off my cigars to enhance the airflow for the draw, but I didn’t have to this time, and I was very happy about that. The cigar’s ash was a little flaky, and at times I had to touch it up with my Xikar lighter, but it wasn’t a problem. In the beginning of the cigar it tasted a little woody, but towards the halfway point I was able to pick up on a slight hint of coffee and roasted nut. The flavors in this cigar changed the more I smoked it. In a nutshell, I felt like cigar went from woody, to coffee and nuts and then finished with a nice unsweet chocolate flavor mixed with black licorice at the end. In the final third of this cigar it is important to take very soft, light puffs to savor and embrace all of the delicious flavors. This cigar put off smoke like a chimney the entire time, even until the end. This cigar took me about two hours to smoke!

Overall Rating = GREAT!

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