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How to Make Your Own Tupperdore Humidor for the House

Have you ever tried to maintain a wood humidor at the house but you couldn’t get it to hold the humidity? I have, and that’s why I decided to start using a tupperdore. The solution is simple. All you need is the right size Tupperware, a Boveda pack, some pieces of cedar, a digital hygrometer and you’re good to go. I usually check on my cigars about once a week to make sure everything’s okay and to let some fresh air in. I’ve been using my homemade tupperdore for about a year now and it’s been perfect. That’s all I use to store my cigars.

Xikar PuroTemp Digital Wireless Hygrometer Video Review

In this review I will talk about the PuroTemp Digital Hygrometer from Xikar. This is another essential piece to helping me store my cigars at home. I prefer to have a digital hygrometer in all of my storage cases because I think they are more accurate than the old school analog hygrometers. The digital ones are also simple to use and easy to read. I stick my digital hygrometers inside of clear tupperware containers at the house so I can see the hygrometer’s reading without having to open up my cigar tupperdore. Pretty sweet! The specific model you see in the video is the model number 837XI. I purchased mine at the Club Humidor on San Pedro, but you can also find them on Amazon.

Xikar Lighter Review

xikar lighter

Xikar is known for making premium cigar accessories. I am a huge fan of Xikar, and you’ll see in my product reviews that I have bought several things they make. I currently have an Executive Torch single flame butane lighter from Xikar that has worked like a champ since day one. By the way, butane lighters or matches are the only things you should use to light your cigars to keep them tasting fresh and not like lighter fluid. If you’re going to start smoking cigars regularly, the first thing you should get is a great lighter and a great cutter.

Overall Rating = Great!