Larceny Cigar Review (El Primer Mundo Version)

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The Larceny Cigar Review 1 of 2 (Ecuador Oscuro Wrapper)

Stay tuned for the Eddie Ortega Mexican Maduro Review

Wrapper = Ecuador Oscuro

Binder = Nicaragua

Filler = Nicaragua

Price that I paid = around $9.50

Size (6 ½ x 52)

The Larceny project is an innovative collaboration between Sean Williams and Eddie Ortega. The cigar box comes in a split-box design with 20 cigars. Half of the cigars are the Sean Williams version and the other half is the Eddie Ortega version. These cigars just hit the retail shelves very recently.

I had the Sean Williams (El Primer Mundo) version in this review, which is the Ecuador Oscuro wrapper, but there is also a Mexican Maduro wrapper which is the Eddie Ortega (Ortega Premium Cigars) version.

The Ecuador Oscuro wrapper is the lighter colored of the two and has a brown band (the Mexican Maduro has a red band).

This cigar does not look like your typical ultra-dark Oscuro wrapper. It was medium bodied in the beginning, but it turns medium-full later on. It had a very good draw the whole time and was easy to puff on. I bought this cigar on Saturday May 30th and smoked in on Monday June 1st (2 days later) at the Club Humidor on Huebner Road. It’s important to retro-hale this cigar lightly to avoid any harshness in your nose. This is a mellow cigar, with some pretty good strength. I could feel a smooth little buzz start to kick in after the 1st third of the cigar. It has a beautiful outside wrapper that looks very detailed (which you can see in the video), and you can see a lot of texture of the tobacco leaf. There were some pretty good flavors throughout the cigar, and as I approached the middle I began to taste a little bit of a roasted nut flavor. Very good aftertastes at the half-way mark. This cigar was very well made and it had a nice, cool burn. I paired this cigar with a Newcastle Brown Ale, and the two went very well together. Once you get past the half-way mark, if you take quick puffs and exhale quickly you can taste the nutty flavors a little better. This is a beautiful looking cigar with excellent construction and burn. I was pretty excited about the release of this cigar. It is a limited release, and only 400 boxes were made this year.

Overall Rating = GOOD!

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